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Multimodal Transportations


The multimodal transportations are transportation of cargoes within the limits of one contract, carried out by two or more modes of transports where a carrier is responsible for transportation at all stages, even when transportation is made by different modes of transports (for example, sea and auto delivery or air and auto delivery).

But carrier should not have all types of transports. Such transportation is usually carried out by sub-carriers (at the Law of the Sea described as “true carriers”). A carrier responsible for all transportation is called “a multimodal transport operator” (МТО).

Our company regularly uses this system for delivering air and sea freights. Cargoes in China are mainly collected by a motor transport to a warehouse, and then formed in shipments for further sending by air or sea transport. On arrival to ports of destination consignment delivered to clients to final destination by motor transport.

Mentioned method of transportations is the fastest and cost optimum, allowing our clients saving their forces, resources and time for the organization of production delivery.

In cooperation with our company you reach maximum comfort, competitive tariffs for delivery, guarantee of cargoes safety and get competitiveness on a goods and services market.