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Goods Forbidden for Transportation


All goods moved from China to the EU countries are subject to declaring in China and on arrival to the EU. Any cargo can be looked through during a customs registration and also in a warehouse of our company on arrival to a storehouse. The forbidden goods in case of detection will be confiscated, senders and addressees can be involved in legal responsibility. Upon detection of undeclared goods (declared with any kind of falsification) in our warehouse is fined at a rate of 100 € for each piece and the recalculation of delivery cost is made. In case of detection by customs authorities of undeclaring with its name a client can be claimed for a compensation of the financial expenses associated with a registration delay, missing the departure date, etc.

List of Goods Forbidden for Transportation:

Any powdery substances regardless of a packing and a container kind *.
Seeds and planting material.
Foodstuff of animal origin without thermal processing.
Live animals.

Perishable products (fresh fruit, vegetables etc.).
Products in unoriginal packaging.
Products heavier than 10 kg in original packaging.
Jewels, bank notes and securities, precision metals.
Firearms and ammunition, cold steel and other subjects specially intended for attack and defense (brass knuckles, stilettos, sprays with paralytic action liquid, etc.).
Explosive, inflammable and other dangerous substances, military equipment, unless otherwise provided by the laws.
Any narcotics, drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues and precursors.
Radioactive substances.
Alcoholic beverages, medical products and tobacco products.
Subjects of obscene and immoral content.
Any identity documents, passports, work record cards and military identity cards.
Goods which export are made with the infringement of intellectual property rights.
Subjects representing national, historical or cultural heritage, property of the people are defined according to laws of this or that state.
Motorcycle frames, engines, chassis and other, characterized as units of vehicles (disassembled vehicles).
Subjects, which by their nature or packaging can be dangerous for post workers or population or can spoil or ruin other postal articles, post equipment or third party property.
*Any powdery mixes, liquids and batteries are accepted only after the coordination with our office employees. Liquid and powdery mixes require granting of safety certificates.