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Terminology of Air Transportations


AWB - air waybill, transport document.
Master AWB - delivered by a carrier
House AWB - delivered by an agent

AWB - the document confirming that a carrier or an agent has accepted the goods specified in it for transportation and undertakes to deliver the specified cargo to the airport of destination according to the conditions specified in it. It is the document confirming transportation contract between a carrier and a consignor.
AWB - is not document of the Property Rights

AWB is:
Delivery document
Document for the reception of the goods for shipment
Document for a customs registration
Invoice form for cargo transportation
Insurance certificate, in case of the order of these services through an airline
List of accompanying documents providing by a consignor under a contract

ETD - estimated time of departure
ATD - actual time of departure
ATA - actual time of arrival
ETA - estimated time of arrival
ЕТТ - approximate estimated time of transit. It is not guaranteed.
MOQ - makes 45 kg. It is applied for sending small consignments of goods. It is rated as 45 +. The following are: 100 +, 300 +, 500 +, 1000 +

Transit time from any airport of China to any airport of the European Union is from 3 days up to 10 days.