Lulec 380, 683 03 Lulec, Czech Republic

Services in Europe


Organization of delivery from an address to our warehouse
Organization of LCL and FCL consignments for sending from the EU countries by sea and air transport
Delivery of LCL cargoes to any point of the EU
Delivery to the port of departure
Freight- forwarding of cargoes to seaports and airport
Customs broker services
Importer and an exporter services
Safe payment for the goods providing
Registration of export and transit documents, preparation of ТТН for cargoes coming from EU countries
Delivery to any customs terminal on the EU territory
Delivery to a door of an addressee on the EU territory
Reception of approval documents and help with a certification
Selection of a manufacturer, dealer or trading organization on the EU territory
Visit of our representative to a factory plant or a sender’s warehouse for a control of shipment, inspection of a manufacture and a sampling
Delivery of samples from exhibitions, factories and plants
Services of a representative for signing a contract with the enterprises in the EU
Organization of visit an exhibition in China and service of an interpreter
We provide services of an individual manager with the knowledge of English and Chinese