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Basic seaports of China


Shanghai上海- port located on the inner side of the mouth of the Yangtze (Changjiang) river and the Huangpu river located in borders of city, and it is one of the busiest port in the world with more than 25 million containers a year, coming through.
Hong Kong 香港 is the second largest port of China. There are 12 navy piers in Hong Kong. On the average Hong Kong accepts 21 million containers a year.

Shenzhen [圳 is the second busiest port on the continent in the south of China.

Guangzhou 广州 is the port in a mouth of the Zhujiang river in the city of Guangzhou. One of the main ports of foreign trade activities.

Ningbo 宁波- sea port situated in Chekiang province in the city of Ningbo, one of the four major coastal deep-sea ports of the international importance.

Qingdao ツ 岛 port situated on Shantung peninsula on the bank of the Jiaozhou gulf. Total port area is 8 090 000 sq. m., there are 47 piers 9 487 m long the area of port warehouses is 1 255 000 sq. m. Port terminals handle 10, 2 million containers annually.

Tianjin 天津 (Tientsin) port located in the economic centre of Hebei province Tianjin is one of the major ports of international traffic of China and world's fourth largest port by throughput tonnage and the ninth in container throughput.

Fuzhou 福州- port located in the southern part of continental China on the western coast of the Taiwan Strait. It is deep-water international seaport of continental China and the main foreign trade port of Fujian province.
Dalian大连 is a connecting hub of water transport of northern, central and east areas of continental China. Port of Dalian is a large fishing centre of China.

Qinhuangdao 秦皇岛 is the only port of China under the direct control of the government and also a port with the greatest coal transportation in the world.

Shantou 汕头 is in the east part of Guangdong province adjoining to the sea, in the middle of “The Gold Coast” between the cities of Fuzhou and Guangzhou in southern China.

Wenchou 温州 carries out transport service of nine districts of Zhejiang province and also northern areas of the city of Taizhou and Fujian province.