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Sea Container Transportations


LCL (Less Container Loading) cargo - a container filled with a cargo for different addressees or a modular cargo.

How LCL Works:
For the optimum cost of delivery for small consignments from Asia to the countries of Europe delivery by sea in the container filled with cargoes of different senders is the most convenient and the cheapest. We consolidate cargoes of different recipients at the warehouse in China and then we make the container loading, deliver it to a seaport, carry out a customs registration and send through various sea lines depending on a port of destination. Then in a port of destination the dismantling of a container and a cargo reloaded to a warehouse. Finally, a cargo goes to the point of destination.

In addition, we can provide services in customs clearing on the EU territory.

As a result, all operations set forth above, allow our clients to reach the optimum cost value for delivery of cargoes from China.
For example, the cost of cargo delivery a consignment of 200 kg from the city of Guangzhou in China to the city of Warsaw or Munich will start from 1€/kg (including all expenses for the customs registration in China, cargo handling works, sea freight and warehouse services in China and Europe, excluding customs payments in the EU) that can be less expensive than delivery between EU countries.

This method of delivery is the most economical, that in case of correct planning of goods reception will allow you to have the competitive cost for transportation and other services provided by us, keep you a comfort, safety and high profitableness of your business.

The formation of modular containers depending on a port of destination takes about 7-14 days. The preliminary information of the nearest shipment to the country or a port of destination you interesting in, can be specified upon request by e-mail.

FCL - In the modern logistical terminology cargoes delivery in the whole container is denoted by English abbreviation FCL (Full Container Load). 20 - 40 feet containers and also other abbreviation FCL (Full kinds of containers can be used during transportation. The main feature is the fact that during the FCL transportation a sender completely rents a container from a sea line, that is in this scheme means- 1 sender = 1 addressee. The mentioned type of the service is often used by the large trading network companies owning shop networks, factories and prominent businessmen in the different countries of the world, etc.