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Good Sales from China to EU Countries


Access to the European market will be much easier in cooperation with our company. We offer the following options:

You conclude the contract with our company- resident of the EU, which will act as the importer on the EU territory.
We prepare the Foreign Economic contract and the permission documentation for export from China and import to the EU.
We calculate expenses for transport services, customs and delivery to the EU warehouse.
After all coordination, carry your goods to our warehouse on the EU territory.
After implementation the procedure of customs registration, having a delivery cost in the EU and all expenses connected with customs registration your managers can sell the goods from our warehouse in the EU. Buyer can see your goods in real and obtain all necessary documents.
Cash from the sales will be deposited at our current account, according the contract operating between us and will be transferred into the account of your company after deduction the stipulated remuneration for our services, specified in the contract.
You will have the fixed tariff rates for services of a warehouse and a customs broker.
Placing the goods in warehouses in the EU your client doesn’t wait for goods delivery in the EU, doesn’t worry about prepayment, failure of delivery terms, manufacturing terms, quality of production (client can check it out in our warehouse). You will soon deserve the trust of European consumers in your goods and that will give you a chance to ship further production to a consumer without our warehouse.

How Does That Help You:

You get rid of the risk of a dishonest buyer which, upon the arrival of the goods to the EU can try to reduce the price, having referred to various reasons which would involve new transport and warehouse expenses, etc.
In the EU a buyer does not face with problems of customs clearance, does not worry about the prepayment to China, terms of manufacturing and pays in any convenient way upon receipt of goods to the account of the European company or pays cash (cash payments are allowed within a day limit on the EU territory)
You will have an opportunity to sale a goods from our warehouse to all EU countries without any limitation.
Absence of the expenses associated with the registration of a company, hiring stuff, studying legal specificity, local laws, accounting in the EU countries, real estate rent, etc.
Our warehouses are on the EU territory with possibility of consolidation, storage, cargo handling works, services of a customs broker and fast address delivery on the EU territory. All mentioned facts will undoubtedly improve your competitive capacities, cut down an expenses and also will reduce financial risks.
If necessary, you can appoint a representative at our warehouse who can supervise goods and shipment presence and represent your interests on the territory of the EU with the minimum expenses
In our warehouses kept access to the system of round-the-clock video surveillance where you can supervise conditions of storage and goods presence.
Professional service of warehouse and transport logistics on the territory of the EU and a reliable partner.
For today there is a possibility of work with warehouses in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Spain and Lithuania.
If necessary, we can expand the geography of warehouses on the territory of the EU according to your requirements.