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Cargo Reception in Warehouses in China


It is necessary to specify possible changes in tariffs and transportation conditions before a self-shipment to our warehouse in China for delivery.
A cargo for transportation is accepted only with a packing list with the exact name, quantity and goods costs in a package in English or Chinese. All pieces should be marked with a client’s personal code before the arrival to our warehouse (the only exception is the case when a cargo is reclaimed from a warehouse of a seller by our company and a client declares a marking service). An application for cargo delivery is sent with a packing list. The application form you can find on the website.
A cargo can be looked through in the event of occurrence or damages of packing or indications of a scanner. In this case it will be photographed. A client will receive a report about opening.
In case of revealing a discrepancy of a cargo content to the declared one during the custom registration the representatives of the custom service of China or the EU, cargo can be seized or confiscated. In this case our company is not responsible for a cargo liability. Competent authorities will be provided with complete information about a sender and an addressee. Customer of delivery will be charged extra with costs connected with the issue.
Cargo is received by weight and bulk of each piece.
In case of delivering one piece less than 5 kg to one address the tariff is 12 USD/Kg, but not less than 20 USD/shipment. Contact a manager in any CTG company representations for verification the price.
While delivering consignment of different categories to one place, the cost calculation is carried out according the tariff with the maximum cost;
In the event of damage of cargo contents, initially arrived to our warehouse as ready for transportation and not requiring repacking or additional packing the claims are not accepted. Refused from repackaging you confirm that the cargo is reliably packed and ready for transportation.

Ancillary services can be agreed separately with the definition of cost.
The tariff for delivery includes a cargo reception at the warehouse in China and delivery to destination specified in the application. Additional services as special (nonstandard) packing, recalculation or photographing of the packing content, picking up from sellers and the audit of sellers are not included into the standard delivery tariff. The total price is fixed and does not vary after the acknowledgement of delivery cost in an application!