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Internet Shops and Trading Organizations


Our company is pleased to offer service for internet shops and trading organizations on the EU territory.
Buyout goods from suppliers, sellers, factories on the territory of China
Search for manufacturers on the territory of China
Control over terms of goods manufacturing and shipment
Signing contracts and service transaction
Audit of a manufacturer company or a seller
Cargo freight forwarding on the territory of China
Cargo freight forwarding in seaports and airports
Booking of containers and air freight
Consolidation of shipments in our warehouse in China
Check contents of the package of goods and a photo report
Packaging production in China
Checking the packaging and repacking
Goods repacking in a customer’s packaging
Marking of shipments
Services of consolidation warehouses on the territory of China and in the EU
Services of a customs broker
Registration of transport documents
Organization of delivery and estimate of delivery cost
Calculation of customs payments
Online support
Personal manager
Delivery to warehouses of the customer on the EU territory
Services of an interpreter in China
Help in organization of business tours or visiting exhibitions

Stuff consignment of goods by a tracker for online tracking of moving goods to your warehouse for all period of delivery both by sea and by air transport (independent operating time of a tracker is up to 6 months).

Example: Your company deals with the goods from Asia on the EU territory. Concluding the contract with our company you expand opportunities to optimize delivery and purchase of the goods in China. So you get optimum competitive delivery tariffs, optimize terms of delivery and cost and improve work comfort. You can consolidate and form delivery at once to the address of your client by means of our warehouses in China and the additional service offered by our stuff will allow carrying out such services as check of shipment content, repacking in your brand package, control of delivery to a client and services of customs registration. In this way terms of goods deliveries will be shorter, your service will improve, labor expenditures will be minimized and delivery cost will reduce. You will also be able to use our warehouses on the EU territory, make storage, consolidation, distribution and other services. All mentioned will allow you to provide the best service for your clients, to increase competiveness on the market of goods and services and certainly to expand a client base on the EU territory.