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Goods Delivery from China Internet shops


It is necessary for you to get your personal client’s code for comfortable work with us. The warehouse will be assigned to you after the code reception and the manager in China will be the addressee of your purchases to our warehouse.
After that you can get any goods in any internet shop of China.

When purchasing independently, it is necessary for you to specify to a seller the personal code and contacts for your personal manager in China for delivery of your purchases through our company. Then you pay for the goods in China and provide your personal manager with the reference for the goods and contacts of the seller. On the arrival of your parcel to our warehouse you will receive a notice and a photo report by e - mail, your parcel is weighed and measured. You’ll be informed about exact cost of delivery and the arrival date. For the order of purchasing the goods for you by our company it is necessary for you to communicate with a personal manager and to fill the order form for the purchasing. After the deal you will receive a notice about delivery cost, payment for the goods, arrival to a warehouse, a photo report and a notice about the arrival.

You can also order the following services for an extra fee:

additional packaging;
check for conformity of the declared quantity and the name;
repacking in your brand packaging (made in advance by the layout model transferred to us in electronic form. It can be cardboard, label, package and a business card);
to make consolidation from several sellers in one shipment;
to order service of looking for manufacturer;
assistance in contract support and contract conclusion;
supervising of our representative during a container loading at a factory of a supplier;
services of a tracker from a factory to cargo destination in online mode (an independent operating time of a tracker in one charging is 6 months);
services of an interpreter in China;
seller’s company audit;
purchasing of a goods you interesting in;
transaction support;