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For the customers in EU countries


1) Before the beginning of cooperation with our company it is necessary for new clients to go through the registration procedure. For the registration is necessary to contact our company or to fill out the form and to send it to e-mail:
 After the registration you’ll get a personal client’s code and the contacts for your personal manager. You will also obtain instructions for shipment preparation, contacts for warehouses and an application form. Then you can send inquiries about cost calculation by e-mail or get the information interesting you by phone from a personal manager. It is necessary to provide us with following data for reception of preliminary cost of delivery, conditions and terms of delivery of the goods from China:

Quantity of pieces
Country and city of departure
Country and city of delivery
Delivery mode (air-sea-railway)
Invoice cost
Necessity of additional insurance
Delivery conditions due to Incoterms
Contacts of a seller*
Additional services **
Whether services of a customs broker are necessary for you at reception.

2) After the coordination of cost and delivery conditions you inform a seller his personal code for marking each pieсe of a cargo and contact data of our warehouse. Or it is enough to provide your personal manager with the contacts of your seller and to report a seller your personal code for identification of your cargo. Then our employees in China will contact your seller and will organize delivery of goods to our warehouse for further sending.

3) After the arrival of a cargo to our warehouse:

Visual inspection of package integrity is made
Taking a photo, confirming condition a cargo, arrived to our warehouse
Package weighed
Size (height, length, width) measured
Delivery cost is fixed ***
4) In case of revealing damage of packing, discrepancy of overall dimensions or weight in the request declared earlier by you and change of density you will be notified for making a definitive decision for cargo delivery.

5) As far as cargo arrival to destination, we start to communicate, you will pay the invoice **** for delivery services and get the goods.

6) Only a person referred in transport documents can receipt the goods. If a client authorizes other person for cargo reception, he should notify us not later than goods arrival to our warehouse at a departure point for process correct transport documents.

7) Terms and availability of free storage in customs warehouses in delivery terminal points are necessary to specify in advance. In cities where the company does not have warehouses and cargoes were delivered by the freight forwarding companies, free storage is carried out according to rules of these companies.

8) Along all transit of cargoes you can observe in online mode their current position from the moment of departure of cargoes from our warehouse till the moment of arrival to a disbandment warehouse on the EU territory. You can also order tracker services for all period of transportation of your cargo to destination.

Responsibility for incorrect data specified in the packing list.
 is assigned to a client (a customer of delivery service)

* Contacts of a seller are necessary in case of receiving a cargo from a warehouse of a seller, for the organization of goods delivery to our warehouse, clarification of cost of express delivery services across China, also for services of a customs broker for a seller, for formalities of export VAT returning.
** Additional services - if desired or if necessary to order paid services from the list of additional service.
*** Fixing cost of delivery - occurs after goods coming to our warehouse and carrying out all procedures (measurement, visual inspection and additional services). You receive the notice about the goods arrival to our warehouse and definitive cost of delivery. If all parameters correspond to declared ones there is no change in goods group and there is no necessity in any additional services and the cost does not vary.
**** Payment - for sending from China can be carried out both in the departure country and after delivery to the destination country. The payment form, the way and the currency of payment is subject for discuss before transaction.