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Cooperation with Partners


Our company is interested in cooperation and partnership with the logistics companies and trading organizations working on the EU territory. We will be glad to joint cooperation.

  If you interested in cooperation we kindly ask to send us a company paragraph with the country and the region company work in, website and your proposal to our e-mail:

  Starting cooperation with us you are guaranteed be able to expand your possibilities, open new directions for your clients, increase customer base and your company turnover. No one inquiries of cooperation remain without our attention. We always find understanding and common ground with our partners.

    To start our partnership is necessary to sign the Cooperation Contract.

After that:

- We assign you a company personal code;

- Personal manager will contact you;

- We define the application form for delivery proceeding from the specificity of a delivered cargo for reception of term and delivery cost (application form is the document confirming the order of delivery with the specified conditions and cost)

The application is including:

Your personal code
Mode of departure (air–sea–motorway)
Departure country and city
Country of receipt
Delivery conditions due to Incoterms
Goods name
Weight of goods
Dimensions of goods
Quantity of pieces
Invoice cost
Packing list
Necessity of insurance
Additional service
Data of a seller or a sender (provided after the coordination of cost or for some detail clarifying)
2) We define and inform you a preliminary cost of delivery in the form of the application for delivery you filled earlier.

3) For your convenience if you have more than one client at one period of departure, you can add marks to the personal code which will allow you to identify your client while shipment receiving.

4) You are able to supervise a process of marking a code and marks of each piece of the shipment by a sender or commit it to us.

5) You provide us with filled application for departure with the phone number and data of a sender/seller of the goods. After that the employees of our representation in China will contact your sender and coordinate delivery to our warehouse or organize picking up a goods.

6) On a cargo arrival to our warehouse:

   1. Visual inspection on integrity of packing is made.

   2. Photo of a condition of the goods which have arrived to our warehouse (without opening package).

   3. Package is weighed.

   4. Size (height, length, width) is measured.

   5. Cost of delivery is defined. *

   6. You will get a photo report from us that is an assurance that we received a cargo.

   7. Should additional service from our warehouse necessary (opening of a shipment, recalculation, photographing of shipment content, an additional packing or other actions) it is required to specify it in the application.

At the moment of arrival of your cargo to our warehouse a packing list for a should be a part of shipment ** with indications of names and quantities of units under each name will be necessary. It is necessary to send a packing list by e–mail simultaneously with the application.

7) Special tariffs for delivery of standard cargoes where there is no necessity for additional processing of applications will be granted for you and you can independently carry out the calculation of cost for a client.

* If a size and a weight exceed real ones the calculation of cost is made by actual weight.

** Our company is not responsible for indications of incorrect data in a packing list or a discrepancy to declared data and the presence of the forbidden subjects. In case of detection of the subjects forbidden for transportation we will notify the corresponding authorities.

8) Payment form and payment conditions are coordinated after or at the moment of the coordination of cost and conditions of delivery and will be specified in an application for delivery.

For convenience of financial calculations, we can choose various forms and conditions of calculations.

With regular cooperation, once a quarter depending on a goods turnover, you can get an additional discount for our services.
We send a corresponding discount fee on your company account by wire transfer.

If you represent delivery or parcel service company and your business is within your country, cooperation with our company will be very attractive for you.

Example: For today your company carries out deliveries on the territory of Czech Republic. You have some branches in different cities which carry out receiving and delivery of cargoes delivered by you or certain quantity of clients of your company. We conclude a Cooperation Contract with your company, so your company becomes our representative on your country and you can offer for your clients all services in delivery providing by our company from China and other countries. Thus, you will expand the list of services, your possibilities and you can considerably expand customer base that will lead to financial growth.